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 Pups from last litter are all sold!

If you are interested in a pup  feel free to contact me to be put on a list for the next litter. There is a fairly long list for this litter so it will be a first come first serve situation with deposit to hold a pup once they are born.

There were several inquires about whether i would ship on the last litter, short answer is yes. Here are things to be aware of when considering shipping,                                                              

1 Pups need a health certificate to fly, cost around $80 to $100                                                                                                             2.Pups can fly at 8 weeks when traveling with a person as carry on, i would be willing to transport them to Regina airport, no farther for free.               3 Pups flying alone must be 12 weeks old according to air canada so there would be an added cost at my end for keeping them 4 extra weeks.                   4 Pups would require a travel crate that is suitable for their age and weight this would also be your cost                                                                   5 Cost of flight varies depending on size of dog and where they are going, They would be leaving out of Regina airport. Air Canada has a price chart on their website.
6 If you are able to make other travel plans for your pup that is also fine by me, i am very flexible and if you contact me I’m sure we can get your pup to you.


These pups are bred to work, their dad is an excellent working dog that is aggressive enough for the toughest cows.  He has no quit and is very obedient and will work for several different handlers.    They are really good with cats, chickens, rabbits, other dogs and people.

Will need $100 non refundable deposit to hold a pup

$450 each

  All pups have turned into very nice dogs and even those that are not working are excellent family dogs with many compliments on disposition and trainability. All have very calm dispositions.

PLEASE NOTE These are highly intelligent and extremely high energy dogs, please don’t add one of these pups to your family if you don’t have time to train and exercise them!



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